Workspace Booking Manager 365 2.0

Book a workspace, conference room, or parking spot quickly and easily

Offices where workers aren’t bound to a single dedicated workspace have spread quickly throughout the corporate world. However, this mode of operation has a serious drawback: your workers don’t have a guaranteed workspace/conference room/parking spot reserved for them when they need to come to the office or meet a team of specialists. On top of that, CoVID-19 pandemic restrictions demand you maintain social distancing between the occupied workspaces. To solve this issue, we present the Workspace Booking Manager 365 2.0 system built on the Microsoft 365 platform.

Workspace Booking Manager 365 2.0

Shared space booking manager based on Microsoft 365

The culture of desk sharing, where the employees don’t have permanent seating arrangements really took off about a decade ago. This practice saved a lot of office space and raised the level of employee interaction. The CoVID-19 pandemic has only increased this tendency: employees that work remotely got used to only coming into the office if it’s absolutely necessary. The office spaces themselves have shrunk as well, due to lower demand. In order to provide a safe working environment for the workers, companies now need to effectively manage the available workspaces and parking spots. Having to comply with social distancing rules only exacerbated the issue. The only solution is to book workspaces and conference rooms in a timely manner.

The Workplace Booking Manager 365 2.0 system lets employees reserve a specific resource (desk, conference room, office section, or parking spot) for a given date and time (within one hour). The system monitors previous bookings and will return a warning if the user tries to book an already booked resource. When booking, we use a floor plan unique to the company that shows all available desks. The system uses Microsoft Teams and doesn’t need any additional authorization from the users.


  • Accessed via the Internet: the worker only needs a browser or a Teams client.
  • Visual aid: selecting the necessary desk is done using the office floor plan, with all booked desks/conference rooms shown for each day. Each entry is listed along with the time and user that did the booking. Clicking on a desk opens the booking window. The color of the desk on the floor plan shows its availability: booked for the whole day (red), booked for a part of the day (yellow), or free (green).
  • COVID-19 mode: social distancing requirements enforced when booking. Desks within social distancing range from a booked desk are colored grey and can’t be booked.
  • Notifying the user with a confirmation of date, time, and desk booked, and letting them cancel the booking.
  • Booking precision of down to a minute.
  • Workspace booking of any shape.
  • Combined workspace booking (for example, several desks, possibly in different parts of the office, as a single whole).
  • Multilingual application (the user language is selected based on browser settings).
  • Visual editor (uploading and marking office spaces for booking in any graphical format and of any size).
  • Unlimited number of office space plans available.
  • Map scaling and necessary office space section selection for greater visibility.
  • Double booking management and warning (the same person cannot book several workspaces for themselves at once).
  • Trial versions available in English, French, German, and Dutch.

Basic features

Making your own plans


Our company managed to optimize resources and organize the management of our available workspace thanks to the integration of the “Workspace Booking Manager 365” system. This application, developed by Antex Cloud, lets our employees use a diagram of each office space to book an available work desk or conference room for a given date and time right down to the hour. The system is available directly from Microsoft Teams and doesn’t need any additional authorization. This project improved our competitive edge in this difficult time of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, when out top priority shifted to the welfare of our employees and society in general.

Antex Cloud was at their best as our partner. All of their specialists that took part in this project were certified and highly qualified, which meant that the project was implemented in no time. We appreciate their professional approach and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Antex Cloud.