GR Manager 365

Managing work with government agencies

Systematic and coordinated work with government agencies is an important element in every international company’s practice. Commercial, administrative, and marketing department managers and employees need to coordinate their work with the appropriate organizations, to plan and manage the execution of planned events, and to maintain confidentiality when preparing documents and applications. In order to manage all of this, we present the GR Manager 365 system built on the Microsoft 365 platform.

GR Manager 365

Managing work with government agencies.

The Task

Working with government agencies is a necessary part of the work processes for any large organization, and its success directly affects commercial results. Keeping track of all the responsible people to contact in the appropriate government agencies on different levels of administration alone is not enough. On top of that, you need to plan your work quickly and efficiently, interact with your contacts while maintaining confidentiality, manage results, and securely store documents for each contact/organization.

Brief System Description

The GR Manager 365 system is designed for any organization that undertakes projects that involve any level of government agencies. The system combines managing counterparties (organization and contacts within them, with an account for each contact) and lets you build a horizontal (across regions) and vertical (based on hierarchy levels) network of these counterparties. Managing access privileges and the ability to hide VIP contact data lets you maintain confidentiality when working with the people responsible on any level.


  • Managing contacts and counterparties. A contact card for a given contact includes all the events and documents connected to them.
  • 2 hierarchy levels: Federal districts and Oblasts, though the number of levels could be increased if needed.
  • Flexible contact linking. A contact could be connected to one or more organizations, even across hierarchy levels, or be independent and unconnected from any of them.
  • Importing counterparties (organizations and contacts) from a variety of formats (Excel, CSV, etc.) and exporting all events into Excel.
  • An event calendar. You can link contacts from both sides for specific events, as well as attach files and add comments. Events also appear in the general calendar.
  • Limiting access to information about VIP contacts.
  • Filtering according to federation subjects, event types, and the people responsible.