Flow Data Converter 365

Synchronize your data between SharePoint Online/Teams and external data sources

Introducing our new Flow-based business tool: the data converter. Companies that use multiple information systems at the same time often need to organize a way to exchange data between these systems, and to quickly synchronize processed information across them all. For example, a company that uses SAP may need to regularly download commercial information from SAP, such as deadlines for shipping paid product to clients, and to publish it on an internal Intranet portal based on Microsoft 365 more often than not. Therefore, the company needs to regularly synchronize data between SAP and the SharePoint cloud portal lists, or other data sources. In this case, our tool is very helpful.

Microsoft Flow-based Data Converter 365

Bring your data together

The utility uses Microsoft Power Automate, previously known as Microsoft Flow, to access data from external sources in various formats, to check selected criteria (for example, to update only those Microsoft 365 entries that have updates, rather than all of them), and to import updated data into Microsoft 365.

Key advantages:

  • Commercial information on the Microsoft 365 Intranet portal is constantly kept up-to-date, and all users have access to the latest versions of all documents;
  • Quick, reliable user access to information, including remote users (those who work from home, or a public Wi-Fi access point);
  • Saving labour costs by automating routine operations for publishing content on various portals;
  • Lowering synchronization times from using legacy applications and scripts that take hours down to minutes;
  • The ability to set up a synchronization schedule;
  • Importing data from SAP, SQL Server, 1C, AD, Exact, and other systems;
  • Exporting data to any applications with open APIs;