Customer Satisfaction Manager 365

Managing Client Loyalty for Office 365

Managing the level of client loyalty and satisfaction is a necessary part of managing sales and, at the same time, a critical component of the QA management system. In order to quickly find and solve potential problems, these types of measurements must be taken constantly; data from clients must be instantly processed and put into a single system; and the detected problems must be dealt with immediately, with their causes and potential future countermeasures against them analyzed as quickly as possible.

Customer Satisfaction Manager 365

Managing customer feedback for Office 365

Brief System Description

The Customer Satisfaction Manager 365 system works in the Microsoft 365/Teams environment and lets you import survey results and client requests, build transparent communications between coworkers for discussing the found problems, and actually solve them under a manager’s supervision.

The system makes sure that the relevant data is no longer scattered across personal applications, there are no phone calls and emails, and that managers do not take direct control themselves. Working in Office 365 guarantees quick, secure, and reliable access to data for all users, including those working remotely or on mobile devices, without having to install additional software.

Main system properties:

  • Importing and aggregating all incoming client requests and customer survey results from external systems, along with work/product reviews.
  • Processing requests analytically, breaking them up according to problem types, regions, markets, employees, severity, and other criteria. Finding the problems, developing solutions, managing the execution.
  • Managing your employees’ workflow for dealing with the new cases: notifying employees about a new problem, assigning those responsible for fixing it, creating tasks to solve the problem, general chat for each problem, logging work history, generating reports for management.
  • A unified corporate portal with up-to-date information about problems, tasks, deadlines and executors, making the situation transparent to the management.
  • Logging all actions taken to solve the problem, and suggestions for preventing it from happening in the future.
  • Integration with Power BI and Qlik.
  • Access via Microsoft Teams.
  • Full support for mobile devices and smartphones.