Consulting Manager 365

Exchanging confidential information quickly and securely

Consulting companies deal with a huge number of financial and confidential documents sent by clients via various, often unsecure channels. They have to ensure safe storage and secure processing of these files, and to provide clients with reports to be agreed on.

The chain of account pages lets customers upload their financial documents directly to the consultant’s warehouse, and avoid traditional communication channels. Approval mode lets customers and consultants teams approve financial reports online instead of sending them back and forth via e-mail.

Consulting Manager 365

Automating exchanging confidential documents between consulting companies and their clients

Confidential information security:

  • Microsoft 365 access control;
  • No unsecure channels of information exchange are necessary;
  • Information is only available to authorized managers;

Fast document exchange and approval:

  • Direct upload via Internet;
  • Online approval;
  • Approval protocol;

No extra software needed:

  • Only Microsoft 365 is necessary for consulting employees;
  • Only browser is necessary for clients;

Collaboration in document processing:

  • Collaborative editing and approval for authorized teams only;
  • Chat for comments on the content transforms into approval protocol;
  • Validator’s role – to approve changes;

Special features:

  • Notification system for clients;
  • Local and global news;
  • Local and global calendars for each client;
  • WIKI library of legal and reference information;
  • Document retention policies;
  • Versioning support - storing the specified number of copies for each document;
  • Mobile access to the data from anywhere anytime;