Bonus Manager 365

Calculate employee bonuses online

Modern HR management practices often include a wide variety of bonus programs for staff. These programs usually calculate bonuses based on how well the employee achieves specific KPIs for a given quarter or year. Giving your employees online access to the current information about their KPI progress and expected bonus can be a helpful addition to your personnel incentive system, and get them to improve their productivity.

Bonus Manager 365

Track and adjust employee bonuses directly in Microsoft Teams

Brief System Description

The Bonus Manager 365 system based on Microsoft 365/Teams gives your employees an account where they can see constantly-updated information on how much of their plan for the quarter/year they have completed so far, and what their expected bonus is at that moment. The bonus is calculated based on the priority of the employee’s work, hitting specific personal or corporate goals, and their salary. The bonus schedule can be set up to be non-linear, or change with the company’s direction, people, position, or other parameters. When calculating the bonus, on top of the employee’s personal KPIs, you can also include how much of the overall plan has been completed by their team, department, or location. Using Office 365 guarantees fast, secure, and reliable access for all employees, including mobile user and remote users, without having to install any additional software.


  • Flexible rule creation for calculating the bonus based on company policies, sales volume, equipment type, weighted coefficients, etc.
  • Automated bonus calculation for sales.
  • Secure access to personal financial information. Accounts don’t store information about the employee’s salary, this information is requested every time the bonus is calculated based on KPIs achieved.
  • Access to accounts via Microsoft Teams.
  • Data about employee plan completion is taken from ERP, SQL Server databases, Excel, or other sources.
  • Full mobile device and smartphone support.