Microsoft Teams for Users - Consulting

Teaching your users to be comfortable with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a key service in the Microsoft Office 365 family that lets employees communicate within workgroups and with outside contractors. This constantly developed product is a single point of access to Office 365 resources and applications, creating a new paradigm for working with data, and new possibilities for employees to interact with each other. The consulting program we’re offering is aimed at users with any background and includes materials on both basic product functionality and Teams tools for specialized tasks. The course consists of a series of webinars – basic ones, focused on the general aspects of working with Microsoft teams; and more specialized ones that cover using Microsoft Teams to solve more specialized tasks (such as “Teams for HR”).
Right now, we’re offering 4 basic webinars:

  • Microsoft Teams for business users. Introduction, an overview of the platform. What tools can a non-IT specialist use? Teams and channels – what are they for?
  • Productive meetings in Teams. Online meeting options, useful tools and buttons, voice and video conference settings, document and presentation sharing, recording meetings and sending those recordings to participants.
  • Working on documents together. Where is the C:\ drive? Discussing/editing documents together, lifehacks (tags, tabs, guest access for partners, etc.)
  • Useful Teams applications for users from Microsoft and Antex Cloud.

By the end of the course, the participants will be able to use Microsoft Teams features; plan and set up the workspace for their project team, department, or professional organization; create and manage groups, teams, channels, and tabs; publish documents and organize working on them together with other people in their workgroup. They will also be able to set up and manage Teams applications for browsers, PCs, and mobile devices; will have the basic understanding of connected software – Forms, SharePoint, Planner, and OneNote, though they would need additional consultation to study them in detail. The course materials will show the users new Microsoft Teams features that don’t often get used, and will let them work in tandem with others within their organization or outside partners.