IT Professional Services - Consulting

We provide a range of consulting services for all kinds of IT professionals.

Our short, focused workshops will get your IT team to where they need to be across a number of categories. Whether you prefer online meetings or in-person training, we will teach your IT staff what they need to know. We currently provide workshops in the following categories:

Security Kit

  1. Overview of the Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architecture (MCRA)
  2. Exchange Online Protection Fundamentals
  3. Advanced Sender Protection SMTP/EOP
  4. Protecting Your Tenants Against Phishing, Impersonation and Zero Day Attacks
  5. Manual and Automatic Investigation Response, Attack Simulator

Classification, Data Governance, DLP in Microsoft Purview

  1. Data Governance and Retention
  2. DLP in Microsoft 365
  3. Content and Compliance Investigation Search with the eDiscovery Tool
  4. Office Message Encryption and Advanced Message Encryption (OME/AME)
  5. Sensitivity Labels and Content Encryption
  6. Custom Sensitivity Info Type

Productivity Kit

  1. Microsoft Teams Architecture
  2. Voice Services in Microsoft Teams (Audio Conferencing)
  3. Voice Services in Microsoft Teams (Teams Phone)
  4. Microsoft Teams Rooms Overview
  5. Guest and Federated Access in Microsoft Teams

Power Platform Kit

  1. Power Automate Overview
  2. Power Automate Advanced Consultation
  3. Creating a Bot with Power Virtual Agent

You can find an example report here: OneDrive for Business Security Setup Recommendations